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The Founder of Villain Costumes has worked in customer service roles since 1997.
With an innate Passion for delivering exceptional service to you. It was decided to best channel this passion to the end user. It took the form of Villain Costumes.

Contact Information

If you need some assistance then feel free to contact our minion in Australia on 0418-538-094.
If you are calling from outside Australia dial +61-418-538-094.

For all  customers in the United States: Our minion can be reached on his cell phone : 234-206-5146
If calling from outside the U.S.A then call or text +1-234-206-5146

Simply put this site is built around the 6 Guaranteed Business and customer principles of:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Effective communication
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Exceptional Customer Service

This Site is all about you:

  1. The customer is not dependent upon us—we are dependent upon them.
  2. The customer is not an interruption of our work—they are the purpose of it.
  3. The customer is not a rank outsider to our business—they are a part of it.
  4. The customer is not a statistic—they are a flesh-and-blood human being completely equipped with biases, prejudices, emotions, pulse, blood chemistry and possibly a deficiency of certain vitamins. 😉
  5. The customer is not someone to argue with or match wits against
  6. The customer is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do serve them. WE are not doing him a favor by serving them.
  7. The customer – is a person who brings us their wants. If we have sufficient imagination we will endeavor to handle them profitably in a way that both parties benefit.

This Site is here to fulfill your needs. We deal directly with our suppliers to provide you with the best results.  Guided by our core principles and ensuring that you get the exceptional service that you deserve your fancy Dress Party Theme will be the talk of your circle of Friends for many years to come.

We have provided additional articles  that provide information on setting up and running a costume theme party, what to look for before you buy contact lenses and additional articles to come in the Future.

Our aim is to conquer the world, one costume at a time.

If you have suggestions, or would like to send us some information that can also help others then please feel free to contact us.

Remember our minions can be reached on:

In Australia call or text our minions on 0418-538-094.
Outside Australia dial +61-418-538-094.

In the United States call or text our minions cell phone : 234-206-5146
If calling from outside the U.S.A then call or text +1-234-206-5146.